BREAKING NEWS: Deconstructing Entertainment Journalism is an activism project for WGS 300 at Elon University.

Sensationalized tabloid media pries on the female body and an idealized version of “womanhood”. Whether on line at the grocery store, scrolling through Facebook or flipping through the channels, it is hard to miss headlines worshiping, critiquing or questioning the physiques and lifestyles of female public figures. While seemingly harmless, these hyped up headlines attack more than just the people pictured. This project focuses on bringing these instances of sexism in the media to light and to promote media literacy.

Our goal is to simultaneously gage media literacy (by administering surveys), improve media literacy (by providing examples of subtle sexism in everyday media) and hold media outlets accountable for the hidden implications of their publications. 

For questions, comments and/or concerns please contact us at amcgetrick@elon.edu or evalentine@elon.edu.


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